About us

Interaudit is a Luxembourg company created in 1988 and specialized in the audit of financial statements up to 31.12.2016. Since January 1rst, 2017, we have specialized in statutory audit and liquidation audit activities. Interaudit is member of the “Ordre des Experts-comptables” (OEC) in Luxembourg.

For nearly 30 years, Interaudit has seen continuous growth in its activities and now functions on a national and international level, especially as it is since 18 December 2009 an independant member of “Baker Tilly International” network. Baker Tilly International is a network of high quality, independent accountancy and business services firms, all of whom are committed to providing the best possible service to their clients, in their own marketplaces, and across the world, wherever the clients needs help.

We believe in strong values such as knowledge, independence, integrity, trust – all of which we abide by on a daily basis in everything we do. Owing to a human sized structure, we can ensure availability and flexibility to our clients depending on their needs.

Our multilingual and experienced team provides services which are always of the highest level of quality. We maintain strong and long-term relations with our clients thanks to the stability of our team.

This stability is also important in long standing business relations with accounting firms and trust companies, as well as with a loyal clientele.